The world. Its just absolutely chaotic, yet Fayetteville is different. First off if you tell anyone about Fayetteville, Arkansas your most certain to get a confused look and a lot of questions. Fayetteville is a very quite place, nothing big rarely happens. So many people who live here wish to move away as quickly as they can. Not me. I like it here. Fayetteville may be a random unheard city in some obscure corner of the U.S. but its one of the best. Fayetteville is beautiful, it has rolling green hills, making it so you can never see more than a quarter of a mile ahead of you. The Summers can become fairly hot, and the huge amount of humidity is terrible. The winters are not to cold, and the Spring and Fall are absolutely perfect. One could spend the whole die wandering the woods that occupy some of Fayetteville on those perfect days. Mind the grass though, it is hard and prickly. In the fall the millions of trees turn all sorts of colors. It becomes perfect weather for hay rides, leaf piles, and pumpkin carving. The winters truly are magical. We have a small little town square in the middle of Fayetteville. The trees and buildings are covered in lights creating a magical feeling towards the feeling of Christmas. After you walk around the square there are many great restaurants to dine at. I have fond memories going to a little orange leaf shop and watching as all of the different people came by. ┬áIn conclusion is would just like to say Fayetteville is awesome. Some people might say it’s boring, some unexciting. But in truth Fayetteville is the best place to just kick back and enjoy a easy and calm life. So if you ever get the chance go ahead and drop by.dickson_street_fayetteville_005